British ‘Honour Killing’ Victim Was Suffocated


Samia Shahid, whose death was reported on 20

A forensic examination has revealed a British
woman who is thought to have been the victim of
a so-called honour killing was suffocated,
Shoe week
according to reports in Pakistan.
Samia Shahid, 28, from Bradford, West Yorkshire,
died on 20 July whilst visiting relatives in northern
Her family said she died from natural causes, but
husband Syed Mukhtar Kazam claimed she was
killed for marrying against her family’s wishes.
Ms Shahid’s family has strongly denied any
involvement in her death.
Citing a forensic report, The News newspaper in
Pakistan confirmed that she had been murdered.
It said the report “stated clearly that her death had
been caused due to suffocation, as she was
stopped from breathing”.
Last week, Mr Kazam claimed that a 7.5in bruise
was found on his wife’s neck.

The couple were married in Leeds in September
2014 after she left her first husband, who was a
cousin from Pakistan.


The graveyard in Pakistan where Samia Shahid is

Mr Kazam said his wife moved to live with him in
Dubai last year, but had made trips to the UK to
talk to her parents about their relationship.
He added that his wife had been healthy and he
did not believe reports that she had died from
natural causes.
Ms Shahid travelled to Pakistan on July 14
because a member of her family was ill.
Bradford West Labour MP Naz Shah, who has
called for the case to be thoroughly investigated by
the authorities in Pakistan, praised their response.
She told BBC Look North: “We’re actually very
pleasantly surprised at the way the Pakistan
authorities have responded to this and the urgency
that they’ve placed on this investigation, which is
quite impressive.”


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