Passenger Jet Crash-Lands At Dubai Airport


A plane has crash-landed at Dubai International
Airport, before bursting into flames on the runway.

Emirates airline has confirmed that a jet carrying
282 passengers and 18 crew was “involved in an
The flight was EK251 coming from Kerala, India.
Twenty four Britons and four Irish passengers were
among those on board.
Footage from the airport posted online showed
flames bursting out of the front of the Boeing

Clouds of black smoke could be seen billowing
from the plane, in other pictures posted to social
Those on board said that the pilot told them there
was a problem with a landing gear and that he
would be making the emergency landing, according
to Indian media reports.
A spokesman for Dubai Airport said that all
passengers and crew had been evacuated.
Emirates confirmed that everyone who had been on
board is now safe.
It said on Twitter: “We can confirm that there are
no fatalities among our passengers and crew. All
passengers and crew are accounted for and safe.”
India’s ambassador to the UAE says that many
passengers are in shock, adding that a crew
member had been taken to hospital for treatment.

An aviation expert has told Sky News that a wind
shear warning was in place in Dubai at the time of
the crash.
The Dubai government has suspended all takeoffs
and landing until further notice, with flights being
diverted, while Emirates said it expected a network
wide delay for four hours.
Passenger Alby Wilson, who was waiting in the
airport lounge, told Sky News: “There was a loud
noise outside. People ran to the windows and we
saw the plane about 500 metres away.
“There was a lot of black smoke all across the
tarmac … we were told to sit down and shortly
after that there was a loud bang … the plane
seemed to have shifted. The fire trucks were all
around the plane.


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