I’ve had unprotected sex before – Eazzy



Rapper/ Singer Eazzy has admitted that she has
had unprotected sex before.
The “Wengeze” hit maker who said she is currently
single revealed this in an interview with Abeiku
Santana on Okay FM’s “Ekwanso dwoo dwoo”.
Eazzy first spoke about her plans of having kids
within the next two years and when Abeiku
Santana asked if she would give birth should she
get pregnant before then, Eazzy said “Of course
there is no other option. Absolutely! I am not a
supporter of abortion”, adding she is always
protected so she doesn’t even think of unplanned
She however admitted “I’ve had unprotected sex
but then there is Postinor-2”.
Asked what makes her angry the “Ginger” Singer
said she is not really a quick tempered person but
“I hate it when people disappoint me and I hate it
when people don’t do what they are supposed to
do. You know your job and yet you want me to
talk before you do it, I hate that”.


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