Saint West Gets Filtered on Kim Kardashian’s Snapchat


Bring on all the bee puns you got, people, because
this is seriously the cutest thing we’ve seen in a

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to the Snapchat
selfie filters, and has even had daughter North
West join along in creating funny and cute faces
for her fans on the social app, but tonight, we got
an extra treat when her son Saint West decided to
play along, too!
In what became a post that’s sweeter than honey,
the mother of two gets a close-up of Saint with the
bee filter on his face, and even though he doesn’t
know what’s going on, he flashes a little smirk for
the camera that instantly makes hearts melt.
“Look at my little bee,” Kim is heard saying, before
turning the Snapchat video over to Nori and
saying, “And look at my other bee.”
The adorable video is great for a number of
reasons, because not only is it just something that
makes you smile, but Kim has kept the snapshots
of Saint to a minimum, sharing them typically only
on important occasions.
So whenever we get a peek at that cutie’s face,
we’re here for it.
One of the last pictures the mom-of-two shared
was on what would have been the 72nd birthday of
her late father Robert Kardashian . “I know there’s
nothing more in the world he would have wanted
than to meet his grandchildren,” she wrote. “So I
wanted to share this pic of Saint with you all.”
She also used Snapchat to share a more recent
photo of Saint in order to show fans how much
they resemble each other. She tweeted , “Saint is
my twin!”


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