Naked Lea Michele Reveals ”Finn” Ink for Women’s Health U.K.


Lea Michele is baring it all for Women’s Health
U.K. ‘s naked issue, and while her completely nude
body is enough to raise eyebrows, there’s one little
thing that seems to overshadow all of that.
The Glee star showed off her enviable figure on the
cover of the mag’s latest issue, which will hit
newsstands Aug. 3, and while posing in her
birthday suit, you can see her various small and
dainty tattoos all over her body—but what is that
one near her bum?
Yep, it seems like that “Finn” tattoo Rachel Berry
got on the hit Fox show became real, and the
feelings are almost too much to control. Fans may
remember the episode in season five when Lea
Michele’s character got the “Finn” ink in honor of
her onscreen-and-offscreen boyfriend Finn Hudson
aka Cory Monteith , and now it looks like she got
inspired to make that moment a reality.
Lea Michele has gotten a few tattoos as a tribute
to her late love, including his jersey No. 5 and
their last words to each other: “I love you more. If
you say so…”


Although Lea Michele will always miss her
longtime boyfriend, the actress tells the magazine
that she’s doing better now.
When commenting on her overall emotional and
physical well-being, she said, “Right now, I feel
physically in my best shape, and emotionally in my
best place…I’m not perfect. I’m not trying to
represent myself as being some perfect girl, but I
love myself, flaws and all.”
Regardless, she admits to having some rough
times still. “I have down days. I accept those days
as much as the happy ones,” but to get over those
down days she, “[makes] some macaroni cheese,
call my mom, pour a glass of red wine and watch
some reality television. There’s nothing that can’t



As for her relationship goals, the 29-year-old said,
“I take care of myself, and I spend a lot of time
and energy doing that, so I need someone else to
look after themselves too. It’s only then that you
can come together and be a really good team.”
You can read more from Lea Michele’s interview
when the mag hits newsstands on Wednesday.


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