You Have to Meet Drake & French Montana’s Alter Egos


The release of Drake and French Montana ‘s new
music video tonight didn’t just bring us visuals to
“No Shopping,” it introduced us to the rappers’

Latino alter egos, and they instantly became our
new favorite people.
The video for the track (which is off the Coke Boys
rapper’s upcoming LP MC4 and marks the pair’s
first collaboration since “Pop That” in 2012.) was
shot at the beautiful Casa de Campo in the
Dominican Republic, and opens with our Coke
Boys Classico golf tournament hosts, French
Montaña and El Draké.
Yes, it’s just French and Drake wearing fake
mustaches (which made Drizzy look just like his
dad), but these two were absolutely hilarious while
impersonating their new characters.
As for why they chose to take on Latino alter egos,
Spiff TV told Billboard , “For some reason,
everybody thinks Drake’s Dominican and that
French Montana is Puerto Rican. We wanted to
give that vibe and show the world that Dominican
Casa de Campo energy.”

When the pair weren’t showing off their acting
chops, they were rapping and dancing poolside
alongside a number of pretty ladies in bikinis while
rapping about how they’ll sip a lot of drinks but
they will not, repeat will not , take you fur
They lyrics also include the infamous lines that
sparked beef between Drake and Joe Budden ,
when Drizzy rapped, “Pump, pump, pump it up!/
She got a good head on her, but I pump it up/ I’m
not a one hit wonder, they know all my stuff/ You
let me turn into the n—a that you almost was.”
But perhaps the best part was at the very end
when French busted out some Spanish and the two
broke out of character because Drake couldn’t help
but give him props, LOL!
All we’re saying is if these two decide to make a
regular series out of their new characters, we’re
here for it.


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