Phyno has captured my heart –Sandra Ifudu


Why did you decide to become a professional
Singing has always been a part of me. It is innate.

I remember when I used to take readings and
psalms in church and a lot of people would wait to
see me after service to tell me how beautiful my
voice was. So the decision to do music was taken
at an early age too, say about when I was 12 years
old. I remember being obsessed with the likes of
Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton and
wanting to be like them when I grew up.
But we have a lot of female musicians at the
moment; do you think you can deal with the

t is not a competition and it shouldn’t be. I am
not here to compete with anybody other than
myself. The point is that I am here and this is me,
this is who I am and this is what I have to offer
and no one is like me. I will always try to do better
than I was yesterday, musically and otherwise.
Are your singles out now?
Oh yes. I have three singles. The latest one ‘Yeah,
Yeah’, is doing so well on air. The second one is
‘My Baby’.
How come a record label hasn’t snatched you up?
If a record label comes along the way, then great!
But I will not sit and wait for one. I will keep
releasing music all the time and even till I get
noticed internationally.
Which Nigerian stars do you admire?
I like Davido. I think he is amazing. I also like
Phyno. He has captured my heart. Dare Art-Alade
is awesome… Yes! I would love to work with them,
including Asa.
How would you classify your genre of music?
I would call it afro pop, afro funk, afro RnB. My
music always has that afro feel.
Did your family support your interest in music?
Of course they did! I come from an entertainment
and music family. It wasn’t strange to my parents
when I decided to do music professionally. They
know the talent that I have.
Some people actually got into music because of
the fame and not necessarily because of the
Fame is the least of the reason I got into music.
Fame is not even success. For me, music is my
passion. I don’t see myself doing anything outside
entertainment. This is what I am called to do.
How far did you go in school?
I have a degree in English from Madonna
You were a part of Next Movie Star few years ago,
why haven’t you done anything relating to movies
after the reality show?
Music is my first love. I would love to conquer the
music industry first before delving into other parts
of entertainment. Then again, I haven’t seen that
role that is worth to go down in history as my first
movie role yet. It doesn’t have to be a lead or sub
lead role but it has to be really a tangible script. I
have turned down a couple of scripts since after
NMS. Whatever I put my name on must be a
How was NMS experience?
It was fun. I learnt a lot in the house. I didn’t know
the technicalities of acting and filmmaking prior to
going into the house. I just went there with my
talent and I came out as the second runner-up.
How was growing up?
It was fun. I come from a big family, so we had a
lot of fun. My dad made sure we didn’t lack
Is your boyfriend supportive of your showbiz
I don’t have a boyfriend and I am not looking for
one at the moment. I don’t want unnecessary
distractions at this early stage of my career, so I
am putting my career before boys.


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