Let’s Honor the Best Cheesecake Moment in Pop Culture History


Today is National Cheesecake Day.
But why do
you care?
You might care because you are super into
holidays and will celebrate national anything day
as long as it means you get to take a longer-than-
usual lunch. You might care because cheesecake
is one of your life’s greatest passions. Or you
might care because you are a fervent Friends fan
and know exactly the scene we are about to
There were many fabulous moments in Our Most
Storied Television Show of All Time, but only one
about cheesecake. And it just so happens that it is
the single greatest moment in cheesecake’s
history. It’s so glorious that it deserves homage on
this high holiday.

The episode is titled, naturally, The One With All
the Cheesecakes. We open on Chandler and
Monica’s (ridiculously oversized; so much so that
it still makes us jealous/angry almost a decade
later) apartment, where Chandler is eating a
cheesecake he stole from Mrs. Braverman
downstairs. Okay, so technically he opened the
box and started eating before he realized that it
was delivered to the wrong address, but it was a
theft nonetheless.
Rachel enters with her fabulous season-seven bob
and is herself overtaken by the delicious, buttery,
crumbly graham cracker crust and the rich-yet-
light cream cheese filling. One bite and they’re
both addicted. They are a man and woman
obsessed, who can think of nothing but their next
cheesecake fix. Even if that means flying to
Chicago to visit Mama’s Little Bakery or robbing
poor Mrs. Braverman some more. Sure, they can
convince themselves that she’s out of town and
that if they don’t eat the cheesecake for her she’ll
return from a trip to bad cheesecake and possibly
even die of food poisoning.


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