Pipeline vandals in fierce battle with policemen in Lagos

A lingering confrontation between the displaced pipeline vandals and the police operatives hit the streets of Igando community, a suburb of Lagos state.

The opposing sides have been engaged in a fire battle since Tuesday, after the gunmen stormed the Obadore, Ewedogbon, Akesan Fatoki, and Egan communities of Igando to rob residents of their valuables, injuring at least six people in the process

This Day news website reports about police being deployed to the area as well as usage of drones, helicopters and Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs), to rebuff the invaders. However, the gunmen staged a counter attack on Wednesday.
According to police reports, at least five people were arrested in connection with Tuesday’s attack. The turmoil was reportedly settled down only after Fatai Owoseni, the commissioner of police, and his team, rebuffed the peacebreakers.
One of the residents commented on the current situation in the area: “We don’t feel safe anymore. Our lives are under threat. These criminals come here at will, rob and traumatise us and go scot free.

Now, the police have told us that they can’t access the creeks because of its nature, isn’t it high time they invite the navy and the air force, with their advantage of the air and the water to tackle this menace?”


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