Mahama will win 2016 election – Kalsoume Sinare


Ghanaian actress, Kalsoume Sinare, who was
amongst 30 other celebrities who campaigned for
John Mahama last four years, believes strongly
that president John Dramani Mahama is going to
win the 2016 elections
– so, she is proud and
highly encouraged to campaign for him again.
Speaking to, she said that
she hasn’t regretted campaigning for the president
and that she’s going to do that again in for this
year’s December polls.
“Normally when you campaign for someone what
you really expect from the person is to deliver
which John Dramani Mahama has done and I’m
proud and highly encouraged to campaign for him
again”, she said

The actress, who’s a member of Celebrities for
Mahama, said that this year’s campaign is going
to be easier than the last four years because there
are enough evidence of achievement by this
government under the stewardship of president
“In just four years, JM has worked and haven’t
disappointed Ghanaians at all. We have to give him
one more term so he can fully complete the good
work he’s started” she pleaded.
About the few challenges and lamentations from
opposition, the veteran celebrated actress said that
opposition will always find faults, but as to the
realities on the grounds, Ghanaians are aware that
his excellence John Dramani Mahama has worked
and thus deserves a second term in office.


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