Dr. Dre Handcuffed by Police Following Incident at His Malibu Home

Dr. Dre had an unwelcome visitor today.
Shoe week

It has been confirmed that the music mogul, real
name Andre Young, was detained by police after
authorities responded to a call “regarding an
allegation of a man brandishing a firearm,” the
press release explains.

Shoe week

The call was made by a man who was stopped in
his vehicle on Pacific Coast Highway in front of
Dre’s residence. “He said a male at the residence
ordered him to leave and produced a handgun.
The alleged victim said he drove away after seeing
the handgun.”
Police “searched, handcuffed, and briefly detained”
the celeb while deputies investigated the incident.
No weapon was found at the scene, but the man
who made the call insisted on making a private
person’s arrest, which includes a report detailing
his allegations against Dre.
No arrests were made and the rapper wasn’t taken
into custody, but Dre was given a citation to
appear in court.
The press release also states that Young was
“cooperative with investigating deputies, consented
to a search of his person, and denied all
allegations regarding the handgun.”

According to the release, Young explained that the
“alleged victim was parked directly in front of his
residence blocking his driveway, and he asked him
to leave. Mr. Young said the person then drove a
short distance away, but immediately returned and
parked near the same location in the center median
in front of his residence.
“Mr. Young said he pulled out his cellphone to
begin filming the person, and the person drove
away. Mr. Young denied threatening the person.”


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