Lindsay Lohan’s Troubled Past Is Present Again: Why Her Plea for Privacy After Weekend Drama Came Too Late to Stop Déjà Vu


Noooooo !
Having gotten our fill in the 00s, there’s nothing
quite as unsettling in this bubbly bubble of a
celebutainment universe than seeing Lindsay
Lohan making headlines.


Because even if, in the end, it isn’t a big to-do, you
can’t help but always be on edge with the now 30-
year-old actress. Not to sound pessimistic, but it’s
going to be awhile until her very name doesn’t
conjure all the wrongs with the too-much-too-
soon, bad-choices, destructive-circle culture of
young celebrity.
We thought we were getting closer to that day,
Lohan now having been off probation for 14
months —after almost eight years of being on it for
various episodes of law-breaking and probation
violations that dominated her 20s.
She’s been living in London, she’s engaged, she’s
writing a book inspired by her own rough road,
she was offering words of wisdom to Justin
Bieber …
But maybe Lohan hasn’t quite reconciled that part
of her that was crying out for help with the part
that so obviously would prefer an undramatic


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