Chinese war demands explode into violence as US firms hit by angry mobs


VIOLENT protests are rocking American
businesses in China as the country erupts with
demands for war.


Chinese citizens are demanding war with the US
after a longstanding territorial row exploded into
life last week.
More than a million square miles of territory in the
South China Sea are claimed by Beijing, but the
Hague dismissed its claim.
Now with America being blamed for the court’s
ruling, self-proclaimed patriots are protesting at
American businesses operating in China.

At least 12 Chinese cities have witnessed anti-US
protests outside KFC branches, according to
English-language news site Shanghaiist.
Cops have tried to disperse the crowds, but one
protest in Qinhuangdao – a city in China’s Eastern
Hebei province – turned violent.
Shouting “patriotism is not illegal,” the
demonstrators reportedly attacked a police officer
trying to seize their banners.
It comes after a wave of destruction targeting
iPhones – deemed American goods – swept
Chinese social media.


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