‘Have your dad defend murder of a woman’: Taylor Swift’s video clip director takes vicious swipe at Kim


KIM Kardashian and Taylor Swift’s feud has been
kicked up a notch — ironically by the singer’s
Bad Blood video clip director.
Joseph Kahn, the man behind four of Swift’s clips,
has torn strips of Kim with an intense series of
tweets, even taking a jab at her late father Robert
Kardashian, who was O.J. Simpson’s defence
Kahn kicked it off by writing: “Ain’t the first time
the Kardashians supported the murder of an
innocent blonde woman”.

“I’ve worked with everybody. I don’t need to work
with anybody. Taylor is a rainbow in a swamp,”
he wrote.
“Please remember to be nice to everyone today.
Unless they’re a b*tch. Then punch them in the
“Kanye didn’t say the line ‘I made that b*tch
famous’ on the call. It’s like saying ‘I want to love
you’ without ‘in the ass.’
And Kahn still had a few more swipes left in him.
“Heads up: I give no f*cks and never will. Thanks.
Continue,” he added.


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