Six richest nations ‘host just 9 percent of refugees’


The six richest countries – which make
up more than half the global economy
– host less than nine percent of the
world’s refugees, an aid group has


The United States, China, Japan,
Germany, France and the United
Kingdom hosted 2.1 million refugees
and asylum seekers last year – just 8.88
percent of the global total, the
report from the Britain-based Oxfam
Poorer countries, in contrast, have
accommodated most of those looking
for save havens, Oxfam said.
“Jordan, Turkey, Pakistan, Lebanon,
South Africa as well as the Occupied
Palestinian Territory host over 50
percent of the world’s refugees and
asylum seekers but account for under
two percent of the world’s economy,”
it said.
“While Germany has recently
welcomed far more refugees than the
other of the wealthiest nations, there
still remains a major gap with poorer
countries providing the vast majority
of safe havens for refugees.”


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