Real Estate Marketing in Nigeria


Real estate marketing is certainly a word you are
very familiar with if you are in the industry.

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It is
all about creating awareness, telling others what
you or your real estate company is good at doing.
It is garbage in, garbage out deal. No publicity, no
But, the world has now become a global family.
So, one could sell anything under the sun- ideas,
skills, passions, products, goods and services,
even in the comfort of your home or office. This is
fair deal, I must say.
Allow me some of your time in exploring some
tips for real estate marketing in Nigeria which an
investor needs in order to close a deal
You can market your real estate off-line or on-
Off-line marketing activities include:
Real Estate Marketing Using Newspapers
In Nigeria for instance, The Guardian, Punch,
Businessday and Thisday newspapers are elitist
newspaper kind of.
You can therefore do yourself a world of good if
you target the upper, business class persons,
while announcing your intention to sell some
pieces of real estate in choice areas.
Guardian for instance make millions of naira,
especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays from advert
placements, since it has a relatively national
reach. However, there are papers that could reach
down to the communities. The Lagos based
evening paper, PMnews and Complete Sports
have that reach.
Any investor in real estate that wants to get the
attention of the grassroots should place his or her
advert there.
Returns on investments as far as publicity are
concerned take time, resources, and must be
consistent. So, we need some element of patient,
to reap from our labour.
Real Estate Marketing Using Printing Pamphlets
Yes, you may need tons of money for media
adverts. But, printing pamphlets, handbills,
billboards, sign posts, are certainly cost
effective. This hard-copy kind of publicity could
be dropped at banks, churches, supermarkets,
post offices, recreation centers, shopping malls for
people to see.
You’ll always notice some pamphlets in banking
halls or counters when you visit. You too can
take advantage of this possibility.
This is cheap, cost effective and reaches down to
intending clients faster. Off course, it reduces your
budget on publicity, as well as the incubation
period to enjoy returns on your investments.
Real Estate Marketing Using the Internet
The internet is a wonder to the world. Research
has shown that there are more than 100 million
websites, blogs, and media platforms on the net.
They cover every area of human endeavour; from
health to real estate, relationship, science,
business, media, crime, judiciary and government,
among others.
Placing your real estate business adverts, running
newsletters, or promotional write-ups on the top
traffic generating websites in the industry could
give you an edge, as it reaches millions of people
across the globe in a matter of seconds.
This is good news dear friends, as it could attract
traffic over time; these are visitors to the site,
which will generate money for the site owners and
clients to you.
The social media platforms: Facebook , Twitter,
Linkedin, Instagram and others are avenues to
place that your advert on where to buy plots or
house anywhere you sell them.
Facebook for instance has about 800 million
subscribers across the globe and millions of the
subscribers have actually made fortunes from
I advise you to take advantage of this unique
opportunity regardless of the country you are
presently residing, if you are not already doing so.
Some persons use facebook and other social sites
for idle talks and gossips. It is okay, if it brings
joy, happiness and self-fulfillment to them.
After all, wealth without happiness sounds
unreasonable to me. Every person you meet on
facebook could over time become your partner in
progress, helping you sell your business to
The buzzwords at the end of the day are: sales
copy, clients, business partners, awareness
creation, and roadmap to the growth of your real
estate business.
Real Estate Marketing Using Word of Mouth
Your friends, neighbors, religious society
members, colleagues, kinsmen are actually your
greatest agents when it comes to mouth-to-
mouth recommendations.
Yes, you may have a thousand and one
commission agents, freelancers and contractors
working for you.
However, your credibility, trustworthiness,
transparency and sincerity will go a long way in
adding to or subtracting from your real estate
marketing results.


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