Vice Ganda finally meets ‘Aura,’ laughter ensues


MANILA – Like many of the fresh talents
today, McNeal “Aura” Briguela was plucked
from obscurity, taken into the ABS-CBN
family, introduced to some of the network’s
biggest stars, and exposed to a massive
television audience.

For a kid who just thought it would be fun to
upload a video of him online imitating lines
from his favorite drama films, it was a dream
come true.
On Saturday, more than two months after
making his acting debut on “Ang
Probinsyano,” Briguela’s showbiz dream got
a boost after he met one of his idols,
comedian Vice Ganda.
The “It’s Showtime” host earlier admitted to
being impressed with Briguela, who has been
making audiences laugh with his over-the-top
acting and signature pose: a crooked smile
he matches with raised eyebrows and wide
eyes that makes him look both doltish and

Vice Ganda, during their meeting on “It’s
Showtime,” threw some random scenarios for
Briguela to fill in with impromptu lines. The
kid obliged, drawing not only laughs from the
crowd, but also turning some of them into
new fans with his wit.
“Ang taray mo gumawa ng linya on the spot!”
praised Vice Ganda.
Briguela will have plenty of other chances to
impress his idol when the two work on their
planned film with other child star Simon
“Onyok” Pineda, who is also part of “Ang
No other details regarding the film was


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