How Marriage Turned Monalisa Chinda Coker Into A Nollywood Style Icon


Mrs Monalisa Chinda Coker is a
Nollywood  actress, filmmaker and talk show host.


She is the producer of ‘You and I with Monalisa’, a
programme known for its exposition on social
issues, relationships and charity works.
She is also a consultant with the Royal Arts
Academy, a media school for breeding new talents,
in acting, directing and screen writing


Her road to stardom kicked off when she started
appearing in the television soap ‘Heaven’s Gate’.
She debuted as executive producer in Royal Arts
Academy movie, ‘Kiss and tell’ in 2007. Monalisa
is definitely a fashion icon.
She became the first of four Nollywood actors to
be featured on the cover of Hollywood Weekly
Magazine in 2012. Monalisa’s style is one to make
heads turn.
She keeps it really classy in every way. She looks
elegant each time she walks into any event.
She has graced many fashion and style magazines
in the country as a fashion icon. She remains
gorgeous with her light skinned body and beautiful
eyeballs; making her look ever attractive.
No wonder she has been tagged a paragon of
beauty. When it comes to style, Monlisa is
arguably one of the most stylish ladies in the
entertainment industry.
She has a chic, feminine style and tends to go for
feminine pieces, like dresses, skirts and fitted tops.
She’s been known to rock beautiful pieces from
both local and international designers. She loves
to wear great designs made with Ankara fabrics.
Her accessories, especially her shoes, are out of
this world, and they usually take her outfits to a
whole different level. She also loves to dazzle in
golden braids that puts her golden skin colour in
At the premiere of ‘Wives on Strike’ earlier this
year, Monalisa dazzled in a flowing red dress by a
Nigerian designer, Tiffany Amber with her amazing
braids and subtle makeup.


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