Funny Face used to beat ex-wife and was caught ‘cheating’?


The Funny Face divorce saga seems to be an
unending twist and turn of mucky details as new
media reports suggest that the comedian was
indeed the person at fault in his failed marriage.

A report by states that “wife
of Funny Face-Elizabeth Adjoa Ntim once came
home to catch Funny Face with another woman in
their matrimonial bed—and this is aside the many
times she has caught him dealing with other
women in suspicious ways.”
This new report, however, comes to counter the
popular assumption that Funny Face’s ex-wife
used to cheat on him.
A visibly distraught Funny Face had earlier
released a video on social media, suggesting that
he would not come out to “taint” the name of his
ex-wife despite their falling-out.
Another report by Rainbow Radio also states that
Funny Face turned his wife into a punching bag
and during the marriage did beat the hell out of
her many times.

“Our source also claims that the comedian has
been beating the lady on several occasions of
which the family has settled matters,” Rainbow
Radio stated.
The website adds, “It is also emerging that, Funny
Face has been cheating and has a child with
another lady in the UK out after his marriage with
the ‘divorced wife’.
The lady according to information gathered has
several proofs of the actor’s infidelity and has on
several occasions assaulted the wife in front of the
alleged girlfriend..”
The report by Rainbow Radio also stated that
Funny Face had not yet performed any proper
“divorce rites” yet and thus is still “married” to his
ex-wife who has coincidentally been spotted
wearing her wedding ring.


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