Could North West Become America’s Next Olympian? Kimye Weighs In


If you ask mom and dad, North West and Saint
West are destined for great things.

Yes, we recognize that they are only three years
old and 7 months old respectively. But as any
parent knows, when the topic of your kids comes
up, a little bit of bragging is understandable.
“You always think that your kid does everything so
amazing and cute,” Kim Kardashian shared this at the Revolve House in the
Hamptons Saturday afternoon. “She painted me a
princess today. I think as a mom you think
everything your kid does is cute.”
But when it comes to which child is more like
mom or dad, that’s still up for a healthy debate.
“I think North is a little bit of both, like exactly half
and half. I mean it’s still early to tell with Saint. I
think he has my calmness, but I think he has
Kanye’s determination,” Kim explained while
wearing a TROISH Campbell dress and knee-high
denim boots. “[Saint] just wants to walk. He
doesn’t want to crawl.”


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