Pregnant woman catches boyfriend cheating with undercover actress in secret camera sting


A PREGNANT woman caught her boyfriend willing
to cheat with another girl he picked up outside his
The clip – from YouTube channel To Catch A
Cheater – showed the pregnant brunette enlist the
help of the presenter to see if her boyfriend was
willing to cheat.
The programme uses actors who are hired to flirt
with other people’s partners before trying to
convince them to be unfaithful.
Here, the woman’s boyfriend could be seen
walking up the steps to his church when he was
accosted by a blonde girl.
Wearing a tight crop top and skinny jeans, the lass
certainly caught his eye as she began to engage
him in conversation.


After telling him she had a sex addiction, the
actress then said: “You can open me up like you
do the Bible and just show me what is holy.
“Show me God through your body.”
Looking on in horror, the man’s girlfriend shook
her head with disbelief at her boyfriend’s reaction.
The tempted bloke – wearing a white T-shirt and
red trousers – seemed to be keen, but the actress
needed to persuade him further.

Moving closer she could be heard saying she just
“wants to f***”, before asking if he has a girlfriend.
As the hapless guy deliberated, his partner said to
the screen: “Yes, I’m pregnant with your baby.”
Nevertheless, the unfaithful lad said to the blonde
woman: “No, I don’t have a girlfriend.”
He then gave her his number and they parted ways
with a kiss.
The man’s girlfriend was so shocked and upset by
the incident she said she would now consider
having an abortion.
She said: “Why would I bring another little person
into this world now?”

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