Sally Axl and Maria Fowler have a bitter Twitter feud: ‘Stop bringing people down’


SALLIE Axl and Maria Fowler have had a bitter falling out on Twitter.
The pair fell out on Twitter, after the TOWIE star made a comment over stars who edit their pictures too much on social media.
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She tweeted: “This whole fad of editing your waist to the size of your neck and making your bum look way bigger, its so embarrassing. Pap pics don’t lie.”
Sallie then responded, saying: “So what if I want to edit myself a bit. Make my self feel confident?? Stop bringing people down. You ain’t perfect.”


She also told her 178k followers: “I think @MariaFowler needs to stop bringing people down and concentrate on her own life. Mums should stick together not sell each other.”
The reality TV star, who is expecting her first child, then told the glamour model: “What on earth are you on about. A tweet that wasn’t aimed at you? Enjoy your time with your daughter instead of social media x.


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