Woman tied up her alleged rapist before her boyfriend beheaded him with a machete


A 22 year old Minnesota woman tied up a man, 20, she accused of sexually assaulting her,


beat him thoroughly at her home before her boyfriend, Joseph Thoresen, 35, (right) beheaded him in the woods
The woman, who has not been named, is accused of tying up and beating David Haiman (left) when he arrived at the Grand Rapids apartment she shared with Joseph Thoresen last week after accusing him of raping her. After the beating, the three of them left the apartment to go smoke marijuana.
After smoking, the three then met with another friend to take methamphetamine before they pulled up their car in the woods.
According to  Minneapolis Star Tribune, Joseph hit Haiman with a baseball bat while they were both standing in front of the vehicle and then stabbed Haiman in the back and abdomen before using a machete to decapitate him and threw his head in the woods.
After Haiman was decapitated, the woman was said to have hidden the machete. She has now been charged with being an accomplice to second-degree murder after the fact and third-degree assault.


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