The Money rewards action. It always has. There is no
doubt about that. Conversely, the road to failure is paved
with the inactivity of those who choose to do nothing with
their lives.

You can daydream all that you like but if you do not back
up your desires with solid action then NOTHING will happen
for you. However, when something that we desire becomes
an obsession then our minds begin to conjure up all sorts
of ideas for us to attain whatever it is that we want.
Unsuccessful people do everything in reverse. For instance,
many have the desire to become wealthy. A common
dream is to want to become a millionaire. Well, that is OK
but how will it be achieved? What are you going to do to
achieve your goal?

What is the SECRET of the Universal Law of Wealth?
Wealth comes to individuals as a by-product of serving
others. It’s biblical. It is a UNIVERSAL law. Put simply, if
you deliver value into the lives of other people, then most
of them will be happy to pay money to you to receive that
service. Not all will do this, of course. Some will cheat you
and some will steal from you.
If you want to become a millionaire then concentrate
FIRST on the METHOD that you will use to achieve it. Once
you have settled on that method then you can apply the
action to deliver your product or service.
This is the universal law of money and wealth – serve
Trying to do it any other way will be going against this
universal law. Good luck if you think that you can defeat
the universal law of wealth. You will be the very FIRST
person in history to do it. Are you that clever?
So, common sense should tell you that there is an
infinitely greater chance of success by following the proven
Universal Law of Wealth. Take the focus off yourself, serve
others with something that they want and you will have all
the wealth that you can desire.
“Anyone can achieve financial freedom,” this wise man
said to me. “Poverty and wealth are but states of mind.
Both are choices we make,” he went on.
“States of mind?” “Choices?” I said to myself. “Who would
choose poverty?” Every emotion within me wanted to
challenge him.
He smiled, seeming to sense my challenge and said, “Poor
people, my young friend, are those who have failed to
practice the laws that govern the accumulation of money.
These laws are simple, and are within everyone’s
Since the beginning of time only a few wise people have
learned and practiced the secrets of accumulating money.
Tragically, many people live lives of financial frustration.
Debt, creditors, and anxiety nag at them. Many cannot
financially survive over two or three months without a
paycheck. Even those fortunate enough to rise above these
challenges live well below their capacities.
Anyone can enjoy increased life purpose, personal power,
and prosperity if they know and practice the Laws of
Wealth & Abundance.

Modern Laws of Creating Wealth
Work Smarter, Not Harder
Do what you do best; “Things
that matter most should never
be at the mercy of things that
matter least” –

Appreciating Assets and Asset Protection
Build Long-Term Wealth by Accumulating
Assets and Converting Them to Cash

The Power of Compounding
Build Wealth by Duplicating the Efforts of
Your Money

Carrying Buckets or Building Pipelines?
A pipeline describes
an effective system
that is implemented
to deliver a product
or service. It is not limited by the constraints of your time
or efforts and can make you a fortune.

Buy Low, Sell High
Focus on generating revenue above your

Velocity: The Speed of Money
How fast is your money reproducing

Business Strategy
The key to any successful
business strategy is timing,
vision, and massive action.

The Law of Supply and Demand
Learn about supply and demand and
how you can apply this principle to your

Passive Income
Passive Income: Separating time from your
ability to make money is a key principle in
building wealth.

Quantum Leap Thinking
Expanding your belief in what is possible
elevates your potential exponentially

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